Memenomics is a theoretical framework that examines the long-term effects of economic policy on culture as seen through  the whole-systems prism of value-systems (vMEMEs). It starts  where evolutionary economics end and uses methodologies from developmental psychology that address the bio-psycho-social aspects of human and cultural development. This is where economics meet individual, group, organizational and cultural Memetics. MEMEnomicsSpiralChart The field of value-systems was initially pioneered by Dr. Clare W. Graves and further developed by his colleague and successor Dr. Don E. Beck. The Memenomics framework is the application of the Graves/Beck research into a whole-systems approach to viewing and solving economic challenges at the policy and organizational levels.  Its concepts and principles have been applied in the field for decades and are being taught at several graduate transformational leadership programs. The framework borrows from all economic  and management principles to facilitate the emergence of whole-systems. Management and economic theories only represent some of the many lines of intelligence that determine our whole-system approach. By its very value-systems nature, the MEMEnomics framework prescribes to no particular ideology, but is interested in the functional flow of systems based on the Memetic profiles of the individual, group, organization or culture and their varying leadership structures.

We believe this is a futuristic, evolutionary and structural approach to achieve sustainable outcomes. Our principles are based on natural evolutionary theories.  We employ cutting edge concepts and tools that are at the confluence of ideas on emergence, complex systems and sustainable business practices. This is where complexity theory and biomimicry meet economic and corporate policy. It is by macro-memetic and meso-memetic design that the effects of economic stagnation are minimized and organization and cultures are placed on a long-term trajectory towards whole-systems prosperity.

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