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The value-systems approach to framing and solving problems contends that a culture will not seek change in a serious manner until the current system no longer serves the needs of the majority of people. Since the release  MEMEnomics the search for a “New System” of thinking has become clearly evident by the number of media outlets that have featured the value-systems model for the economy. Below is a partial listing of feature articles and radio interviews on the value-systems reframing of  capitalism.



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Can Social Psychology Explain the Rise of Right Populist Ideology in the West?

This lecture was delivered at the California Center for Integrative Psychology one week before the 2016 US Presidential Elections. This is a long lecture and can be watched in segments. Please follow the link to Vimeo below.

1. Intro to Spiral Dynamics : 16:31 – 39:07

2. Who is Donald Trump in Spiral Dynamics: 39:10 -45:24

3. Trump’s supporters and Large Scale Systems: 45:24-52:21



Please click on this facebook link to a Professionally edited summary by Pi of NPR’s ideaSphere of both Parts I and II

  • Click HERE to read the Huffington Post article on the value-systems nature of Capitalism “The Psychosocial DNA of Capitalism.
  • Click HERE to read the landmark article by The Christian Science Monitor on the value-systems nature of the “Sharing Economy”
  • Click HERE to listen to my interview with Sinclair Noe, host of the “Financial Review” program.  It’s the last 15 minutes of the show.
  • For media or any inquiries about a Book Review for MEMEnomics; The Next Generation Economic System, please visit the book’s Wikipedia Page on this Link to become familiar with the concepts discussed in it. Or you can email me through the contact page for a one-on-one interview.
  • Please click here to listen to PART I of my interview with Petr Roth on the Progrssive Radio Network.
  • Please click here to listen to PART TWO of my interview with Peter Roth of PRN.
  • My interview with Newsweek Magazine about the challenges that lay ahead for China and the value-systems view  on Central Planning.
  • Please click here to listen to my interview with Alison Levy on Connect the Dots on the Progressive Radio Network.
  • Please click  here to listen to  my most recent radio interview with Mark Helpsmeet of the Northern Spirit Radio. Thank you Mark for placing economics in such human/spiritual context.
  • Please click here to listen to my interview with Jeff Salzman, Integralist, host of the Daily Evolver, and founder of The Boulder Integral Center. Jeff had written a book review as well  calling MEMEnomics “an impressive new integral book”.
  • Please click here to visit our sister site to learn more about Large-scale design and the use of the value-systems approach to whole societies.

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