The Memenomics Group is an advisory organization that uses a whole-systems approach to frame issues facing cultures and organizations.

Through the prism of value systems, we offer sustainable solutions guided by the emerging values of humanity, The Principles of the Seventh Code of the MEMEnomics – Graves – Beck framework. We call this approach: The Path to Systemic Sustainability. Our training and testing methodologies are on the cutting edge of the  consulting industry. They are being used globally to frame long-term sustainability practices in corporations, government organizations and NGO’s.


We believe that at the heart of every successful culture and organization is its human potential. We go beyond psychometric assessments and build the right capacities within people to help them unleash their true potential. Assessing an organization’s culture through our methodologies provides for a deep understanding for where its human capacities are, its potential for change, and its outlook on the future. Our approach has successfully been used to align corporate values with sustainability goals, improve employee efficiency and job satisfaction.


The whole-systems approach to understanding employees, group dynamics, and corporate culture, is the original path to sustainable practices. Our approach provides for whole-systems sustainability models that have within them the integrated structures for self renewal. The ultimate measure of sustainable practices.



SED headshot white-tieSaid is a cultural economist, writer, public speaker and one of the leading experts in the value-systems approach to economics and the capitalist system.

He is the author of the book MEMEnomics; The Next Generation Economic System, which was a finalist for the 2014 Eric Hoffer Award that recognizes excellence in independent publishing.  After the book’s  2015 release in South Korea, Dawlabani was invited to speak at the prestigious  Annual Asian Leadership Summit. The Taiwan Ministry of Culture picked MEMEnomics as one of only 9 English language books for recommended readings for 2015. His writings have been compared to those of Peter Lynch and Warren Buffet.

Since 2003 Dawlabani has worked closely with renowned geopolitical adviser Dr. Don E. Beck, one of Dr. Clare Graves’ closest associates and one of the architects behind South Africa’s transition from apartheid. Dr. Beck is  the co-author of Spiral Dynamics, the most authoritative theory on value systems.

A real estate developer turned social entrepreneur, Dawlabani has a prominent 25-year career in the brokerage, development and investment counseling sectors of the real estate industry. He structured hundreds of complex planning, development and historic restoration projects. He advised many notable clients such as the Resolution Trust Corporation, the FDIC, US Bankruptcy Court and the Bank of New England on the formulation of asset disposition plans. In addition to his development and brokerage work in Boston, Scottsdale, and Southern California, he advises a select circle of clients on long-term real estate investment strategies.

Dawlabani is also the COO and member of the Board of Directors of The Center for Human Emergence Middle East, a think tank that frames the political and economic challenges facing the region through the prism of value systems. He’s a guest speaker on the topic of transformational leadership at several academic graduate programs, including the Adizes Graduate School in Santa Barbara, CA and the University of Virginia. You can reach Said by email here


ELZA S. MAALOUF, Senior Partner

Elza is a LeElza headshot-2013banese-American author, political theorist, and consultant focusing her work on business, cultural and political development of the Arab world.

She is a graduate of Lebanese University Law School and  author of the ground-breaking book: Emerge! The Rise of Functional Democracy and the Future of the Middle East. (October 2014, SelectBooks, Inc.,  New York, NY). The book won two national awards in 2015; the Bronze Medal from the Independent Publishers Association, and the first runner up for the Eric Hoffer Award for debut authors. 

 Ms. Maalouf was named by EnlightenNext Magazine one of today’s brightest minds for her expertise on the memetics  of the Middle East. She’s a member of the Evolutionary Leaders, an organization made up of the brightest global minds in the fields of science, spirituality, and consciousness studies.  The group’s primary purpose is to advance the conscious evolution of humanity.

Ms. Maalouf is the founder of the Integral Insights Consulting (IIC) Group, and advisory which brings human potential research to bear on organizational challenges and opportunities. The IIC Group is dedicated to the multifaceted development of individuals, teams and organizations.

Ms. Maalouf also  co-founded the Center for Human Emergence Mideast, a think-tank that emphasizes the scientific understanding of cultures through the prism of the “bio-psycho-social systems”, a framework pioneered by Dr. Clare W. Graves  and applied in global hotspots by his successor Dr. Don E. Beck. Through her close work with Dr. Beck, Ms. Maalouf has pioneered the Integral movement and the application of Spiral Dynamics integral in the Middle East. Together, they evolved Muzafer Sherif’s realistic conflict theory by adding to it Beck’s value systems VMEMEs and Maalouf’s Indigenous Intelligence and reformulated many social conflict models such as  the VACE Model and the Anatomy of a Conflict Model which are detailed in her book.

Ms. Maalouf is currently working on her  Arab Memome Project (AMP), which is a country-by-country examination of the memetic patterns of emergence that offers a unique value-systems based perspective on the conflict in the Muslim World. The AMP offers detailed mapping of economic and political strategies designed to provide each country with a long-term road-map for development in light of the most profound changes the region is currently going through.

Ms. Maalouf is an avid writer and blogger. Her work has appeared in academic journals like the Hague-based Spanda Journal. She’s a frequent contributor to the Huffington Post,  Kosmos Journal, and The Integral Leadership Review.

 For more information, please click here to email Elza.


DON EDWARD BECK, PhD., Senior Adviser

NEW-Don_Beck_portraitDr. Beck is founder and CEO of the Spiral Dynamics Group, Inc. He is also the founder of the Global Centers for Human Emergence, a worldwide constellation of Value System Experts (VSEs) and Integral Design Architects (IDAs) who are helping facilitate the conscious emergence of the human species using a synthesis of profound breakthroughs in human knowledge and capacities.

Dr. Beck was named Outstanding Professor at the University of North Texas in 1978. He has since co-authored two books: The Crucible; Forging South Africa’s Future and Spiral Dynamics; Mastering Values, Leadership, and Change.  Over a 10-year period he worked with influential political and business leaders in South Africa during that country’s transition from Apartheid, from FW De Klerk to Nelson Mandela and John C. Hall, Chairman of South Africa’s National Peace Committee. Out of that experience came his book The Crucible. He has since worked with Tony Blair’s Policy Unit, the World Bank, and in Israel and Palestine through the CHE-Mideast and the Build Palestine Initiative.  He remains the foremost authority on issues that deal with global value systems and large-scale change.

For decades Dr. Beck has been teaching, developing, and implementing, the evolutionary theory of Spiral Dynamics. For most of the last ten years, his focus has been on adapting the work of his mentor and colleague Clare W. Graves to the field of Large-Scale Psychology. He continues to develop multidimensional leadership models for understanding the evolutionary transformation of human values and cultures. For more about Dr. Beck, please click here.

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