New Blog Title; appropriate coverage for the times

I apologize to the many readers of my previous blog who couldn’t gain access to my posts from the link on my company’s website. I will occasionally re-post some of the old writings if and when they relate to events happening in the marketplace. As the current financial crisis continues to shake the faith of many around the world in the free markets system, I will continue to bring awareness to a developmental approach to capitalism which gave me the title for this new blog. Sustainability’s New Frontier goes beyond green practices that everyone thinks will get us out of the economic malaise we’re in. The focus of this new blog will be a “Stratified Development” approach that will examine appropriate economic policies commensurate with the value systems of people and the life conditions in communities, regions, and countries they’re in.
This is our Mission Statement from our ABOUT page:

Western economic models designed to end poverty and to usher in an era of peace and prosperity have placed the world on an increasingly unsustainable path. Efforts to stamp out underdevelopment have created many failed states and the rift between the first world, the emerging world and the third world grows by the day. The Anglo-Saxon model for development has proven to have many shortcomings the biggest of which is to make every inhabitant of the planet a consumer of goods. This blog attempts to examine the failures of economic integration through the lenses of value systems and attempts to offer culturally-fit economic solutions that work. Through the emerging science of value-systems we will attempt to demonstrate how economic policies that are commensurate with the cultural value systems of a specific country are a far more accurate measure of sustainability than most current economic models offer. This is the New Frontier for sustainable economic development. This is where “Economics meets Memetics.”

As we’re witnessing this historic collapse of financial systems around the world, the focus of the blog will be on the value-systems that got us here, how to make sense of it all, and engage in debate on how to design for the future through the lenses of value systems science. Please stay posted


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