Hey, Is That App Second Tier?

Welcome to the Age of Disruption

In just the last few decades, revolutionary technologies have knocked down the walls to much of the organizing structures we’ve taken for granted for hundreds of years . Millions of businesses and hundred of industries have become obsolete. The rapid rise of the Digital Age continues to make a mockery out of our understanding of change and the forces shaping our future.

Are these the early signs of humanity’s emergence into the Turquoise  value system, or would all this lead to the disintegration and decline of civilization

To hear the answer to these questions and many others, please join us at The Spiral Dynamics Summit on the Future. Our special guest speaker on this subject is  Michiel Doorn whose spiral wizardry on this matter is unparalleled.   According to our special guest, the 21st century may not be the Age of Technology, or the Digital Age, instead it may well be the Age of Ecology.

Would there be an App for that?