And What a Summit it Was

The Spiral Dynamics Summit on the Future has delivered as promised and I am beyond being thrilled with the outcome. We heard from so many different voices serving the different and diverse facets of this thing we call human emergence. There were many fresh perspectives on how we can bring together a divided humanity and the challenges we face in doing so.

What was initially planned as a dinner banquet to honor Dr. Don Beck, the mastermind behind Spiral Dynamics and the Gravesian legacy, quickly became an event that set a new standard for the future of our gatherings. This was evidence by the size of the crowd, and the high percentage of attendees who were pure Gravesians. The outcome of this Summit confirmed my belief that it is the merits of the Graves-SD framework that has long been silenced and placed in the shadows that must now be nourished and made visible again.

Some of the presentation might have made some people uncomfortable. This is when we know that our approach is working. It has served its purpose in exposing the audience to the spectrum of consciousness that is decentralized to each and every one of us. It is the diversity in Second Tier not the conformity that will save human kind. The challenge is how to preserve the different voices and find that ever illusive new Super-ordinate Goal in the Age of Disruption. It is gatherings just like this. A platform for many to be heard. It is those different roads coming together that were at the core of this critical conversation about the future.

During those 3 days in Grapevine, Texas, the presence of CAPI, the Coalescence of Authority, Power and Influence to affect global change was more powerful with less than 100 people than gatherings 10 times the size. We were all moved by our different voices and our common commitment to serve and to make the world a more conscious place.

Over the decades Don’s teachings have lead many of us to the threshold of our own understanding of ourselves. To me this is the essence of leadership and this event was a microcosm of the influence his teachings have had on the world. By honoring the man, we are honoring our higher selves and the potential of who we can become.

At the request of so many attendees and those who could not be at the event, I have asked the speakers to post their contact information and their presentations to the event web page. We will share those links once they’re uploaded.

Thanks to one of our benefactors, John Keihl, the event was professionally filmed. Along with the recording of presentations and panel discussions in the main conference room, many speakers and attendees were interviewed on the sidelines for a close and personal perspective on their experience with Spiral Dynamics. With over 100 hours of footage, and John’s experience as a filmmaker, I’m confident that whatever emerges as a final cut will preserve the Graves-Beck legacy for many generations to come.

At the opening remarks of the Summit the colorful Reverend LC Helix implored us to praise the Spiral, and in our own way, we shall. We must go forth and Spiralize and become the embodiment of the change the world needs.

I will end with a statement that Don taught me to use at the conclusion of every important speech or presentation: “to whom much is given, much is expected.”

Thank you all for taking part in this critical event.







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